Walk For The Cause: Autism & ADHD Awareness

Saturday 6th April 2024

Blue & Gray Park: 415 East Palm Street, Fitzgerald, United States

Running, Walking, Distance running, 1 Mile


  • Nuerodivergent Individual Registration - Free To All Nuerodivergent Individual
  • Running-1 Mile - Autism ADHD Walk/Fun Run
  • Walking-1 Mile - Autism ADHD Walk/Fun Run
  • T-Shirt Only - T-Shirt Only
  • Resource Vendor - Resource Vendor


On April 6, 2024, For the Cause: Family Advocacy Group will be hosting its 8th Walk for The Cause: Autism & ADHD Awareness. Walk for the Cause: Autism and ADHD Awareness mission is to provide public awareness, education and advocacy concerning Autism and ADHD to the community. Finding that a lifetime network of opportunity should be available to all individuals with spectrum disorders, the organization advanced its viewpoint thus changing its name in 2023 to For the Cause: Family Advocacy Group. We reach out to the community by being involved with different events as well as hosting our own Autism and ADHD event in the month of April. Our goal is to raise awareness about Autism and ADHD acceptance and promote inclusion and connectedness for all individuals with spectrum disorders. Social and community support are key to helping these individuals achieve optimal health and reach their full potential.

Event details and schedule

8th Annual Walk for The Cause: Autism & ADHD Awareness
April 6, 2024
9am - Noon
Registration Begins – 8:30am

Blue & Gray Park
415 East Palm Street
Fitzgerald, Ga 31750

Organised by

For The Cause: Family Advocacy Group

906 South Sherdian Street, Fitzgerald

Phone: 2294257069

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