Do you want to learn to Racewalk? Or to Racewalk Faster? Join United States National Racewalk Team member and fifteen-time U.S. National Champion Dave McGovern for this unique racewalking event. Participants will learn techniques used by elite walkers at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers to racewalk faster and more efficiently with fewer injuries. And if you don’t race, these techniques can help you to lose weight, get fit and feel great! Dave McGovern has been a competitive racewalker and racewalking coach for the past thirty years. He has won fifteen U.S. Championships and is America's only nine-time US Olympic Trials finalist. In addition to conducting his “World Class Racewalking” clinics throughout the known Universe, Dave, who holds a Master's Degree in Sport Science from the United States Sports Academy, is a USAT&F, LSA and CCFA-certified coach who has led dozens of former clinic participants to masters American and World Championship titles and records, including coaching seven clinic alumni all the way to the US Olympic Trials. Dave was the Team USA Head Coach for the 2012 World Cup of Racewalking in Saransk, Russia. He is the author of Precision Walking, The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training, The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking and The Complete Guide to Competitive Walking. 

Event details and schedule

Saturday, 9:00am—5:00pm—Introductions, then technique sessions and flexibility/technique drills, shoe store visit, then lunch, followed by technique review then a short track workout.                

Sunday, 8:00am – 4:00pm—Training lecture part I, then interval workout w/ heart rate monitoring, lunch, then classroom heart rate result results and training lecture, part II. 

Organised by

World Class Racewalking

20 High Street, Locust Valley

Phone: 8457092152

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