West Chester Women's Multisport 2020 Season

Wednesday 1st January 2020

West Chester & Surrounding Areas: justMOVE, West Chester, United States



West Chester Women’s Multisport, LLC is a community of women empowering each other to move forward and attain their own personal fitness goals: one step, one pedal push and one stroke at a time.

No matter what your starting point or goals, we’ve got your back and will help you to achieve your personal best. We genuinely enjoy the camaraderie found through the pursuit of common physical fitness endeavors, especially triathlon training.

Wanting to be a triathlete is the first step to becoming one. We will help motivate you to start taking further steps towards achieving that goal. What will be your next step? Run a mile, a 5k, a 10k or more? Learn to swim, swim better or gain confidence in open water? Try a spinning class or dust off that bike and hit the trail? Whatever your next steps are, it will be worth the time and effort it takes. We believe we are happier and healthier moms, wives, sisters, daughters and friends for taking the time to improve ourselves through physical activity and triathlon training. This, in turn, energizes us to better support our families and community at large.

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