• VSAP Cross State 440 Miles Bike Ride - In Person VSAP Ride
  • VSAP Remote 440 in a month - Virtual 440
  • VSAP 440 Local Bike Ride - Local Bike Riding in Fayetteville NC
  • VSAP 88 Mile 1 Day - VSAP 88 Mile Single Day


Join us for our 3rd annual VSAP bicycle ride across NC. Each day consists of 88 miles split into 22 mile segments. At the end of each 22 mile segment we will remember a Veteran who commited suicide. We will be staying in various buildings on sleeping bags with showers and bathrooms available. We will also recieve a dinner provided each night. Breakfast and daily nutrition must be brought with you on day 0. 

Each day, all riders will keep a small "day bag" in the SAG vehicle with all daily nutrition and ride gear. A duffle bag will be carried in a trailer with the SAG vehicle. All details will be available on the ride story map at 

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Fayetteville Area Tri-Warriors

2624 Lull Water Drive, Fayetteville

Phone: 4238837443