USA Triathlon’s Level I coaching certification is the first step for aspiring triathlon coaches to take. This certification will jump start their career in training athletes for the multisport program USA Triathlon has to offer. The Level I clinic is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon. Coaches will learn how to design a training plan geared toward their athlete’s needs as well as learn strength specific training for triathletes and key workouts.

The clinic is a two day lecture based clinic with opportunities to learn and network. Participants must attend the entire clinic in order to be eligible for certification. The minimum age for participation is 18.

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Clinic Experience FAQ'S

What do I receive at the clinic? You will receive a USAT lanyard with a name tag and pen. All learning materials are sent prior to the clinic for your review and convenience.

What should I wear? The clinic is casual, so you can wear whatever is most comfortable. It is recommended that you bring a jacket to the meeting room, as the temperature can sometimes be a bit cold.

What is the clinic schedule? An exact schedule is sent to you closer to the clinic date, but for planning purposes the clinic runs from about 7:15AM – 5:00PM on day one, and 7:30AM – 4:30PM on day two. There is an optional CEU course on day one from 5:30PM-7:30PM.

Do I need to be present for all the lectures? Yes. There are NO exceptions.

Is there any physical participation required? The clinic is mostly lecture based. There are some practical sessions incorporated, but nothing that requires strenuous exercises or any change in attire.

Are there printed copies of the presentations at the clinic? No. All the presentations are typically emailed to you through a Dropbox link. It is your responsibility to bring the presentations to the clinic for notes if you want them. There are no printed copies at the clinic. You do not need to print out the presentations if you do not want to.

Is food provided at the clinic? Healthy snacks are provided throughout. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own food and drink since some of the food items are limited. It is not guaranteed that snack options will be vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free, although we try to provide those options when possible.

Are there CEU opportunities at the clinic? There is typically a CEU course offered on day one of the clinic from 5:30PM-7:30PM.

Do I take the exam at the clinic? No, the exam is done online after the clinic.

Should I bring my CPR card to the clinic? No, you upload a copy of it after you complete the exam.

Do I need any equipment? No, the clinic is lecture based. You do not need any swimming, biking, or running gear. If you would like to work out outside of the clinic, then I would recommend bringing whatever gear you might need.

Can I bring my computer? You are welcome to bring your computer, but please note that outlets are limited. It is recommended that you bring a charged computer or an extension cord to help reach an outlet.

Does the meeting room have Internet? The meeting room does not have Internet access. The availability of Internet in the hotel lobby or sleeping room varies by location.

I am trying to catch a flight back home after day two of the clinic. Will the clinic run past 4:30PM? Can I leave early? You are required to attend the entire clinic in order to eligible for certification. No one is permitted to leave early. The clinic will end at 4:30PM almost exactly.


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