• Monday Triathlon Training 9:30-11:30 am (5 classes) - Individual
  • Wednesday Triathlon Training 6-8 pm (5 classes) - Wednesday Triathlon Training
  • Monday Triathlon Training 9:30-11:30 am ONE CLASS - One 2 hour Class
  • Wednesday Triathlon Training 6-8 pm ONE CLASS - ONE 2 hour CLASS


Are you ready for some winter base building to prepare you for your 2020 Triathlon season? If you just want to do your 1st triathlon in 2020 or you are a multiple time Ironman this training is for you. We start each session with lap swimming (separated into 3 groups - beginner, novice, advanced) with warm-up, drills and intervals. Part 2 is indoor cycle utilizing our Stages brand bikes equiped with shoe cages and SPD clips. We focus on cadence, speed, distance and watts. Part 3 we focus on running form, drills, intervals. Part 4 is functional strength and mobility. 

Event details and schedule

Please check in at the front desk at Prairie Life Fitness (now THE Athletic Club) in Overland Park, KS and ask for James Stewart. Arrive early enough to change clothes and meet on the pool deck by 9:25 a.m. for the Monday class OR 5:55 p.m. for the Wednesday evening class. After swimming you will have time to change clothes for spin, running and weights. Please be sure to bring a water bottle, snack (gu, bar, banana, etc) swim goggles, swimsuit, running shoes, clothes to spin in. If you have cycling shoes they must have SPD clips, if not, running shoes are fine.

Organised by

Prairie Life Fitness

10351 Barkley, Overland Park

Phone: 913-638-7215