TBF Wildflower Century Cycling Class

Sunday 27th January 2019

Beals Point: Auburn Folsom Blvd, Granite Bay, United States



  • TBF Wildflower Century Class - Wildflower Cycling Class
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TBF Chico Wildflower Century Cycling Class 

This Class is designed to help you develop your road bike skills, confidence, enjoyment and camaraderie. Side benefits include: weight loss, increased cardirespiratory fitness, improved health, and a more active life.

Join our 13 week Wildflower Cycling Class and get ready for the Chico Wildflower Cycling event on April 28th and meet and make new Friends!

The class starts off with a FREE Bike Clinic to help prepare your riding skills: on January 20th at 9 am. This will be follow a Level 1 & II clinic on January 27th.

This class is for all levels of cyclists and will conclude with the beautiful Chico Wildflower Century in Chico, California on April 28th. This event has several options for ride distance from 31 to 128 miles.

The class is led by Coach Dusty Dustyn and supported by a freindly and professional group of TBF Training Coaches. 

Event details and schedule

FREE Bike Clinic 

January 20th at Beals Point, Folsom Lake

Start at: 9 a.m. 

Organised by

Total Body Fitness

5209 Blaze Ct., Rocklin

Phone: 9162023006

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