TBF Open Water Swim Class

Monday 29th April 2019

Beals Point CA State Park: Auburn Folsom Blvd, Granite Bay, CA, United States



  • TBF Training Open Water Swim Class - Swim Class (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • TBF Training Open Water Swim Class - Mondays Only (can only attend Mondays)
  • TBF Training Open Water Swim Class - Wednesdays Only (can only attend Wednesdays)
  • One month - One month of Classes


2019 TBF Open Water Swim Class:  April 29th – August 28th.

The TBF Open Water Swim Class is great for anyone wishing to learn how to swim strong and with confidence in the open water. This class will teach you proper swim technique and how to improve your swim speed, stamina, and efficiency. Each Class meeting offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced lesson plans/swim workout options.

The Open Water Swim Class meets every Monday and Wednesday (beginning on April 29th) from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Beals Point, Folsom Lake (CA State Park). However, this Class will move to Nimbus Flat at Lake Natoma when the water level in Lake Folsom gets too low.

The Class is for all levels of swimmers from very beginner to advanced. The class will offer stroke development and breathing drills for the beginner swimmers. It will offer a swim course and specific focus for the intermediate swimmers. And, this Class will offer endurance/long swim options for the advanced swimmers including a monthly 0.5-mile or 1-mile swim time-trials.

The Open Water Swim Class features:

•Professional swim coaching

•Learn how to breathe and develop your stroke

•Learn open water techniques like sighting and swimming straight

•Learn about drafting and pacing techniques

•Monthly swim time trials and performance testing

•GPS marked o/w swim course

•Water safety kayakers

•Each session includes lesson plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers

•Get real-time feedback and personalized attention at every workout

•FREE wetsuit demos and sponsor discounts

•Enjoy product samples and refreshments at selected workouts

•Meet new people and establish swim training partners

•Class meetings to get your swim stronger than ever

•Build your relationship with the water and swim like a fish, guaranteed!

Event details and schedule

The Open Water Swim Class will meet from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Beals Point, Folsom Lake.

Cost is $249 for Full Class, or $179 for either Mondays or Wednesdays only. 


Organised by

Total Body Fitness

5209 Blaze Ct., Rocklin

Phone: 9162023006

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