TBF MTB Clinic - Off Road Mountain Biking

Saturday 18th January 2020

Granite Beach: 8000 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, United States

Mountain biking


  • Riding on Trails - Individual
  • Riding on Trails - 18 and Under


TBF Mountain Bike Clinic – Off Road Mountain Biking

This clinic is for all levels of riders and includes professional MTB coaching, drills & skills clinic, dirt-crit practice race, fun group trail ride, and refreshments.

Skills you will learn:

Gear Selection, cadence, shifting.

Starts – mounting/dismounting the bike, power starts.

Stops – body position, speed control, stops, emergency stops.

Cornering – surface type, ground conditions, tire pressure, line selection, speed control, body position, vision, exit power.

Wheel lifts – front, rear, hops, curbs.

Skills you will practice: 

All of Level One Skills, Plus On course instruction in the following:

Line selection, set-up, and speed control

Sticking the corners

Clearing obstacles

Rock gardens

Drop offs

Climbing and descending

Gear selection and shifting

Timing and rhythm


The clinic includes Clif Bar and FLUID fuel/snacks and will conclude with a coached ride on local trails at Granite Beach to practice and confirm your new skills.

For more information about TBF Mountain Bike Clinics please contact Mark@totalbodyfitness.com

Event details and schedule

The TBF Mountain Bike Clinic – Off Road Mountain Biking

9:00 am - Welcome, TBF Coach introduction

9:15 am – Discussion about equipment, apparel, maintenance, safety, etiquette

9:30 am - Warm-up laps – 1k course around picnic areas

Further drills and skills to be covered, along with several short breaks for

refreshments and questions. Clinic will end at 12: noon.


Organised by

Total Body Fitness

5209 Blaze Ct., Rocklin

Phone: 9162023006

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