The Ruck to Remember extends is Honor Mission to Portland ME, Memorial Day weekend.   
On Sunday May 30th, 2021, The Summit Project will be partnering with Ruck to Remember to coordinate a 16-mile trek between Back Cove Park in Portland, ME and the beautiful Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland, ME. This partnership represents a collaboration of two well-recognized organizations from across the country coming together in honor of our fallen service members from right here in our home state of Maine.

With multiple sections escorted by the Portland, ME Police Department, this movement will utilize the Eastern Promenade trail system, Commercial Street, Casco Bay Bridge, and the Greenbelt Walkway to honor our hometown heroes on this very special weekend.

Tribute Stones from The Summit Project will accompany many of us during this trek, and Fort Preble will serve as the backdrop to our Stories of Valor circle testimony. As we return, we will stop at Fort Allen Park to celebrate the lives and legacies of our fallen Maine heroes with a Warrior’s Meal and the company of a very special guest speaker.

“We carry their stone for a trek, we carry their story for a liftetime.”

Those who have joined us on these treks before will understand the weight and significance of those words. Those who will be joining us for the very first time will soon learn. Register today and help us complete this very important mission. With your help, we will ensure that the lives of our fallen Maine heroes will NEVER be forgotten!

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