Open Water Swim Clinic #2 - 6/9/21

Wednesday 9th June 2021

Crystal Lake Beach Club: 65 Lakeshore Dr, Oakland, United States



  • Open water swim-CLINIC by Ridgewood Tri Athlete (RTA Club member) - OWS - RTA Club Member
  • Open water swim-CLINIC by Ridgewood Tri Athlete (NON-RTA Club member) - OWS - NON-RTA Club Member


**Our open water swim clinics meet the NYC Triathlon Swim Requirement**

No black line to follow, No hard wall to push off!  Take the mystery out of the open water with this race day dress rehearsal.  Ridgewood Tri Athlete (RTA) will offer you the tips, tricks, and techniques that will develop your comfort and shave minutes off your open water swim.  Heighten your knowledge and boost your confidence, leaving the beach with a new appreciation for the open water! 

There will be lifeguards on duty and coaches in the water on kayaks/paddle boards.  We will divide the group by ability to provide the best experience possible for each athlete.




Less talk, more swimming! Based on the feedback we have received, we will spend only a brief time having our dry land discussion prior to swimming. We’ll provide our TOP TIPS to avoid anxiety and have the best swim to your ability on race day. Then we’ll review the basics of the various techniques that you will practice once in the water. The remaining time will be spent swimming and practicing on your own with the supervision of coaches and lifeguards.



Please visit our website for what to bring and what you will learn:

Event details and schedule

Clinics will take place at The Crystal Lake Beach Club in Oakland, NJ. The gates to the beach will open at 6:30 and we will start promptly at 6:35pm; 65 Lakeshore Dr.; Oakland, NJ 07436. 

*The Lake will be opening at 6:30 specially for us! Kindly wait in your car if you arrive sooner as Crystal Lake’s staff will not open up until 6:30pm. Thank you.*


Organised by

Ridgewood Tri Athlete LLC

335 Marshall St, Ridgewood

Phone: 2039486921

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