New York, NY Galloway NYC Running Club and Training Program (May 8, 2021 - Nov 7, 2021)

Saturday 8th May 2021

Various Locations Around NYC: Various Locations Around NYC, New Your City, United States

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  • New Member Programs - New Member - Marathon/Half-marathon Training (5/8/2021 - 11/7/2021)
  • Alumni Programs - Alumni - Marathon/Half-marathon Training (5/8/2021 - 11/7/2021)
  • Guest Runner - Guest Runner
  • Running-Half Marathon/Marathon - Associate Member - (Attends First Run & Last Run Only - Virtual Group Support Thoughout)


The Galloway NYC Running Club helps people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their fitness goals while having fun and remaining injury-free -- even if they have never run before. Most members participate in our marathon or half-marathon training programs, though many members simply run with us to train for races of shorter distances or just to maintain their fitness. Weekly mileage slowly increases over the training season to prepare for fall marathons or half-marathons, safely adding no more than 10% from week to week. The Galloway run-walk-run method is beneficial for all kinds of runners, from brand new to very experienced runners. The program boasts a 99% success rate! Members receive a team tech shirt, Galloway Training e-book and end-of-season medal; enjoy multiple pace/interval groups and a variety of routes in the 5 boroughs, covering portions of the NYC Marathon course; aid stops at all runs over 16 miles plus weekly email and members-only website access.


Is this group right for me?

The Jeff Galloway training approach is suitable for all levels and all ages! We focus on achieving your goal distance injury-free while having fun and building fitness. Bring a friend and join us for one of our Saturday morning weekly group runs. The first session is free! You'll experience great camaraderie, effective training, and lots of support. For more information, visit our website,, or email us at

Event details and schedule

  • In-person kickoff on May 8
  • Zoom virtual info sessions in April for new runners
  • May 26 "social" Zoom kickoff with Jeff Galloway
In-person runs: Pace groups will be no larger than 10 runners including 1 pace group leader and we will have staggered start times starting at 7:00 a.m. 
Aid stations: on all runs of 16 miles or more; runners will bring their own food/drink to the start, place them in a paper bag with their name on it, and it will be transported to the aid station location. This minimizes the communal food/drink aspect for safety purposes.


 Refund Policy:

The training fee is non-refundable. Requests for refunds are considered for medical reasons only, must be accompanied by a physician’s letter and must be submitted prior to the half-way point in the training season. A $25 processing fee will be retained. People who want to try out Galloway Training may attend up to two group runs free of charge before registering for the season.

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Galloway Training

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