Miracle Swimming is a system of teaching swimming invented in 1983 by a swim instructor named M. Ellen ("Melon") Dash. Miracle Swimming is an innovative method that guarantees that adults who are afraid in water will learn to swim. The Miracle Swimming system defines learning to swim as learning to be "comfortable, safe, confident, and free in deep water."  
More information on Miracle Swimming is on our website at the below link. We would encourage you to become familiar with that before class, as it has information that will help you understand how the class works and what you can expect to learn.

Event details and schedule


Cost: The class fee is $480 per person, which is non-refundable.

Class: Your class consists of two consecutive weekends. Classes cannot be split between weekends in different seasons.

There are eight 3-hour sessions that make up the Beginning Class, for a total of 24 hours of instruction. Class takes place on two weekends: on Fridays 5-8 pm; Saturdays 9-12 am and 2-5 pm, and Sundays 2-5 pm (for a total of four class sessions each weekend). Each 3-hour class is 1 hour of classroom discussion and 2 hours in a 90 degree heated indoor pool.

Makeups: Please understand that, with the format of the class wherein each session builds on the one prior, makeups will not be possible or desirable for you as a learner.

Location: SportsFit, 2506 Danville Rd SW, Decatur, AL.

Contact: An email will be sent 3 weeks prior with final instructions, but please feel free to contact Ali Meeks with any questions at ali@readysetsweat or 206.779.9425 (note area code is not 256).


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