• Walking-1 Mile - Adult (12+)
  • Walking-1 Mile - Child 0-11
  • Walking-2 miles - Adult (12+)
  • Walking-2 miles - Child 0-11
  • Walking-3 miles - Adult (12+)
  • Walking-3 miles - Child 0-11


Kicking off our return from the pandemic with a good start! Come join us for a walkathon in downtown Oakland on Sunday, May 16 2021 at 12:00 p.m. $25 for adults ages 12+. $10 for children ages 11 and under.  Children in strollers are free (no registration required). 

course: walkers may check in at noon. Beginning at the town pavilion, the walk will be in three stages To accommodate anyone's fitness level. Beginner walkers will start their walk at 1:00, walk 1 mile, and follow red trail markings. Intermediate walkers will start their walk at 1:15, walk 2 miles, and follow yellow trail markings. Advanced walkers will start their walk at 1:30, walk 3 miles, and follow blue trail markings. Trails will be mostly paved; however, some areas may be gravel or woodland paths. Due to safety concerns, the walks will not include the climb to the cross. As walkers return to the town lot, food will be available for purchase. Extra t-shirts may be available for purchase on site for $15. Sorry, no pets!

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Cindy's Fund

P.O. Box 182, Oakland

Phone: 301-616-0166