1942. My grandfather, Frank Ledford, left his home in the mountains of North Carolina to fight in WWII.  Before boarding the bus that would take him and other soldiers to Fort Bragg, NC, he looked back once more at his mother and father standing on their front porch, waved goodbye and said, "I'll be home by the summer."  Thankfully, he came home--3 1/2 years later.   

I'm Juliana Aiken.  At 17 years of age I have always held a special place in my heart for veterans.  Because of their service and sacrifices to give us our freedom, I am committed to helping the veterans of my county.  Over 20 veterans a day walk through the door of the Veterans Forces Office.  Some need a listening ear or a shoulder, but many need tangible items.  All proceeds of these run/ walks will benefit these brave men and women.  If a home repair is needed--done.  A prescription is needed--done.  Heating fuel is needed--done.  

Like my grandfather, millions of men and women have fought and continue to fight daily for our freedoms.  So rain or shine, hot or cold, the walk/runs of this day go on...just like our veterans.  They never stopped. 

On September 14, 2019, I will run in memory of my grandfather, WWII Veteran, Frank Ledford and millions of other veterans.  I ask you, "For whom will you walk or run? "  

So join us in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of Andrews, NC in the first "Every Day...Veterans' Day" 5K/10K One Mile Fun Walk/Run.  And remember the words of Winston Churchill, "Never was so much owed by so many to so few."  

Thank you for your kindness in helping me, help our nation's finest. 

Event details and schedule

Pre-registration opens at 7:30 a.m.  Cash or checks accepted on the day of the event.  

The National Anthem performed by Andrews High School Wildcat marching band, invocation and opening remarks at 8:45.

5K/10K and One Mile Fun Walk/Run begin at 9:00 a.m.

The course is a secondary state road running through a slightly populated residential area.  It is a down and back, and is of relative ease as it winds along the scenic valley of Andrews, NC.  With several gently sloping terrains, the paved course is predominately flat.  Local law enforcement and emergency management personnel will assist with any traffic during the race.  However, no major highways will be utilized for this event.  

At check-in you will complete the waiver, receive your chipped bib  for official time and t-shirt.  

Parking is located in the church parking lot.  

Rain or shine, hot or cold...the temperature at 7:30 a.m. could be 50 degrees, by race start at 9 a.m. 70 degrees and by race end at 11:30, 90 degrees.  


Organised by

Every Day...Veterans' Day 5k/10K 1 mile Fun Walk/Run

PO BOX 218, Andrews

Phone: 8283214929

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