ACP Centenary 300K

Saturday 11th June 2022

Clarion Hotel - Palmer Inn: 3499 Route 1 South, Prinnceton, United States



  • Cycling-300K - Day of Event Riders
  • Cycling-300K - VOLUNTEERS ONLY! Contact organizers FIRST!


Randonneuring—non-competitive, long-distance cycling, where you follow a pre-planned route and attempt to finish within a set time-limit—is a great way to test your endurance, navigational skills, and fortitude. 

On this 185-mile ride, a challenging and scenic route through Central and Northern New Jersey, you'll have multiple extended climbs including Jenny Jump Mountain and Schooleys Mountain. Other somewhat lesser climbs will present themselves throughout the day. Food and beverages will be available throughout at controls. We will pass through Whitehouse Station, Califon, Hackettstown, Great Meadows, Stillwater, Blairstiown, Hope, Long Valley, and Chester. This event has been run succesfully since 2005.

Finish within 20 hours and you've qualified to call yourself a Randonneur!

Please Note: It is possible for riders to be out on the route beyond sunset. For those riders, lighting and reflective gear are required.


Please refer to the Rules for Lighting and Guidelines on Reflectivity


The full Randonneurs USA Rules for Riders may be found here.


Event details and schedule

Sat - June 11 - 4:30 am: Rider Check-In Begins at the Days Inn in Heightstown

4:55 am: Last-minute instructions from the organizer

5:00 am: START!

1:00 am Sun: Cut-Off Time for an official finish.

Organised by

New Jersey Randonneurs

12 S Mountain Ave., Apt. 40, Montclair

Phone: 9739431686

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