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This two-day course takes you through all the Total Immersion drills and numerous strategies for full stroke mechanics. Resulting in a freestyle that is faster, easier, and more efficient for the long haul. Numerous video sessions will be uploaded for free to dropbox for your viewing after the clinic, including instructor narration to remind you of your strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Event details and schedule

9:00   - Check-in in classroom
9:00   - 10:00 Orientation and foundational instruction (in the classroom)
10:00 - 12:00 1st underwater videotaping and group instruction in the pool. (outdoor pool)
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00   - 2:30 Classroom workshop and review of video #1
2:30   - 4:30 Group instruction in the pool (outdoor pool)

9:00-10:00 Video review in classroom
10:00 – 12:00 Group instruction in the pool., 3rd underwater taping
12:00-1:00 -  Lunch
1:00-2:00 Video review and Q&A in classroom

2:00-3:30 Group instruction in the pool and 4th underwater videotaping
3:30-4:30 Classroom wrap-up and review of video #4

Organised by

Swimprovement - A Total Immersion Company

4145 Ottawa Ave S, SAINT LOUIS PARK

Phone: 9528073774