The View Indoor Triathlon! A 15 minute swim, 20 minute run, and 25 minutes on a bike! We’ll progress from one event to the next in groups of 4 beginning with the swim portion. Thereafter, you’ll have 15 minutes to move to a treadmill for your 20 minute walk, jog, or run. After the treadmill portion you’ll have 5 minutes to move to a stationary bike. Winners in each age category will be determined by the total distance they travel in the allotted time on each exercise. The distances and duration of this event is similar to what is known as a “Sprint Triathlon” however The View Indoor Triathlon allows each participant to go at their own pace and progress from one session to the next with their group.  

Event details and schedule


The View will be hosting an indoor Triathlon Saturday November 19th! This will be a Sprint Triathlon! But no worries, that’s a distance designation; you go at your own pace. We’ll start with a 15 minute swim and then a 20 minute walk, jog, or run followed by a 25 minute stationary bike ride. Athletes will be scored based on their distances covered in the specified amount of time.  This event is for all ages and skill levels. All athletes will receive a medal for finishing the event.



  • Pre-October: $10
  • October: $20
  • November: $30



  • Youngest heats will go first at 11 AM progressing to older heats
  • Heats are staggered 30 minutes apart beginning at 11 AM, then 11:30, 12 PM and so on
  • 4 participants in each heat
  • A heat takes 80 minutes to complete (15 min swim, 15 min transition, 20 min run, 5 min transition, 25 min ride)
  • Participants wipe down their own treadmills and bikes
  • All participants will be notified on November 16th on what time their heat starts
  • Winners will be determined by total distance covered within the allotted time
  • All athletes will receive a medal

Organised by

The View Community Center

13500 Byars Road, Grandview

Phone: 816-316-4892

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