BASE Camp: Boulder, CO

Thursday 27th April 2017

Holiday Inn Express (Start of Rides): 4777 North Broadway, Boulder, United States

Triathlon, Fitness


Event details and schedule

Boulder CO - 4/27-4/30

Camp Cost: $99.95 
Includes: Group led training sessions. 1 BASE Amino, 1 BASE Hydro, 1 BASE Camp T-Shirt. Swim lane reservation. Team dinners on Thursday and Saturday nights.
Registration will be opening soon.

This camp will be a big big mileage camp which will build on strength. It will not be technique based. We will never do anything harder than a Zone 2 effort. Except for some sprints in the pool. We will do a LOT of climbing in the Rocky Mountains, plus we will learn strength exercises from Erin Carson at Rally Fitness. Erin is Rinny, Tim O'donnel, and many other professional Triathletes strength coach. She will teach you what you can do at your house to build proper endurance Triathlon leg strength.

We have a room block at the Holiday Inn Express which is .5 miles from my house. This is the location of where we will start / finish all of our rides and runs. There are a LOT of team members who live in and around the Boulder area. So I am pretty sure that if want to stay with another team member it can be arranged.

We will be putting in 4,000 - 5,000 yards per swim workout. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. - you are not required to go this far.


  • Thursday - we will be riding 2-3 hours - we will ride 90 minutes of flat, and finish with 3 x 15 minutes of climbing, followed by 8 x 45 second sprints up my driveway.
  • Friday - 90 minutes to 2 hours - out on the Ironman Boulder bike course, group ride, nothing hard.
  • Saturday - 4-5 hours - lots of the Ironman Boulder bike course, some climbing. We will group ride out to Carter lake. 
  • Sunday - no riding



  • Thursday - we will run 20-30 minutes off the bike. Flat trail.
  • Friday - we will run 45-60 minutes off the bike. We will do 10 x 3 minute of hill climbs out on the trails
  • Saturday - w we will run 15-25 minutes off the bike - flat, easy
  • Sunday - we will run 90 minutes to 2.5 hours after the swim - flat, easy, no climbing. 


Campers should arrive Wednesday at any time so they are prepared to go Thursday morning at 7 AM. 

The focus of the camp is to train hard in the morning, have fun in the afternoon / evening and get to know other people.

We have partnered with Rally Sport and Fitness in Boulder. 

As an add on bonus since you are in bonus we have secured sodium sweat testing.
The sweat sodium concentration test is a non-exercise, non-invasive test that takes about 20-25 minutes. With the results of the test, you will know your personal sweat sodium concentration.  This is a “one and done” type of test since your sodium concentration is largely genetic in makeup. There can be upwards of a 15-fold difference in sodium losses between athletes, regardless of body type and diet. Depending on your sport and how much you sweat, you can easily be over-doing or under-doing what you really need. We will also provide a short educational seminar as to the meaning of your personal results and how to apply it to your hydration and electrolyte strategies for training and racing.

We will offer a special Base Performance camp cost of $99 ($159 value), so take advantage of this while in Boulder. If you have questions or are ready to reserve your testing appointment, you can email Dina Griffin, the Sport Dietitian who will be conducting the testing, at  We ask that you reserve your appointment by April 3rd.

We are bascially charging zero dollars for these camps, but we need to reserve lane space in the pool. If the camp was completely free, we would have a lot of people sign up and then potentially back out at the last minute. We need to provide accurate numbers to the people who are helping us with the camps. If you drop out at the last minute you do not receive a refund or the product as we will have had to use the money to secure non refundable lane space in the pools.

If you are interested in getting your bike fit from the guy who Matt Miller and many other pro's swear by, we will have a sign up form coming out soon. $125 for a regular fit and $225 for a computerized Retul fit.

One of the Nation's top bike fitters, Ryan Ignatz, is offering bike fits to the athletes of the Base Triathlon Camp. Ryan holds many fitting certifications that he uses to specialize in triathlon bike fitting at Colorado Multisport, and has fit some of the top professionals in the sport. He has also instructed other bike fitters how to use 3D motion capture in the fit process at Retul University. Ryan earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in ‘predicting level time-trial performance’ which he obtained while working side by side with Dr. Allen Lim, sports physiologist to the world’s top cycling teams. Additionally, Ignatz has coached endurance sport athletes of all levels and disciplines while personally competing in endurance sports at a professional level for almost 20yrs. To round out Ryan’s knowledge of the body and its potential, he taught anatomy and physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Base Performance

1630 30th st, A241, Boulder

Phone: 4048895962

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