The 4K for Cancer is a 70-day cross-country bike ride for young adults between the ages of 18-26 years old. Participants will arrive in Baltimore on June 3rd, 2022 for a two-day orientation before send-off on June 5th.  On June 5th, riders will embark on their 70-day journey across the country with the rest of their team, about thirty other participants. Riders will take turns driving the support vans each day and can expect to have about 10 rest days through their trip. Each day, riders will cover anywhere between 40-100 miles on their bikes but of course, there is still plenty of time in the day for fun! We encourage our teams to stop along the way and take in the sights and get to know the communities they are staying in. Each night on 4K, participants will stay with generous hosts who open up their homes, churches, gyms, community centers, etc.. to our teams. 4K for Cancer will conclude on August 13th, 70 days after send-off in San Franscico, CA with an arrival ceremony at Baker Beach. 

Event details and schedule

Participants will need to arrive in Baltimore for in-person orientation on June 3rd, 2022 and be prepared for send-off on June 5th from Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Once you have registered with you will need to go to to register with the Ulman Foundation and set up your fundraising page. Each rider is required to fundraise $4,800 for the Ulman Foundation before going on the 4K but we will do our best to support you in your fundraising. When you sign up with, we waive your $100 registration fee on our website but still require the fundraising minimum. Please reach out to us at with questions!

Organised by

Ulman Foundation

2118 E Madison St, Baltimore

Phone: 5087233468

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