• Running-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Walking-5K - Individual Age group/open


3rd Annual "Howl at the Moon" will take place out at KRMC Hualapai Mountian Campus at 8:30pm.  Come out and run in the desert with a Full Moon raising.

One unique event.

So come out and "Howl at the Moon" Friday June 14th, 8:30pm.

Unique awards and a really cool T-shirt.

Event details and schedule

This event will be run in the desert.

Dogs are MOST welcome but must be on a leash.  Actually we really really encourage Dogs to come out and "Howl at the Moon."  They can even bring their owners out for a walk in the Desert.

Headlamps are highly recommended as well - you might need those to see.  We'll have beacon lights & Glow sticks on the course, but there will be some dark spots along the way.

One Water Stop about mid-way for both you and your Dog. 

We do not discrimnate...Cats are welcome too.  With all the Dogs around you might set a new PR:)

Organised by

Racing Bones

3623 Heather Ave., Kingman

Phone: 937-304-9357