2nd Annual Ruck to Remember 25K

Saturday 14th November 2020

Iwo Jima War Memorial: Memorial Circle, Arlington, United States

Walking, Other endurance


  • Walking-25K - Individual Age group/open
  • Virtual VDay 25k - Individual Age group/open
  • VDay 25K Charlotte, NC - Individual Age group/open


The VDAY25K is a mission to honor our Veterans, Past & Present. In all, with a show of force that uniquely mirrors the warrior culture of our Service Men & Women.  

You will be placed within a team of like-minded patriots & veterans, moms, dads, brothers, sisters…Friends all becoming one-mission-focused-TEAM.

The VDAY25K is a 14 mile” ish” team hike, led by a Ruck to Remember Team Leader, we will begin our Mission with a “Warrior Salute” just after sunrise and together, with a fun-filled team leader led movement through local War Memorials.  This is about camaraderie and having fun!  

During the movement, at key stops, Team members will be encouraged to share/listen to “Stories of Courage.” Simply, inspiring acts of our Veterans that will make you laugh or sometimes even cry.  

Note: Most Outposts including the Mission in the Nation's Capital, will be an out and back.  Thus you will be ending near where you stop.  Team members are also encouraged to attend the VDAY 25K (Hot Wash) where the first beer is on your Team Leader!  


Packing list/Gear and other Mission relevant information can be found at www.rucktoremember.org

Event details and schedule

  • The Mission (day) schedule
    • The Warrior Salute & Mission Step-Off, will begin promptly at 0730 on 11.14 (local time) 


  • Course info:
    • Street Surfaces & Dirt Trails, minimal inclines/declines.


  • Arrival info
    • TBD


  • Parking info
    • TBD
  • Waivers and ID
    • You must have your USG issued ID on you at the starting point. Your team leader will take your ID (for accountability purposes) and it will be provided to you upon completion.


Organised by

Ruck to Remember

1 Memorial Drive, Arlington

Phone: (703) 431-1477

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