2022 BAM Camps

Sunday 23rd January 2022

BAM: 489 Parkland Drive, Sandy, United States



  • Camp #1 - VEGAS - Bike Emphasis (Jan 23-30) - Full Week (Sun-Sun)
  • Camp #1 - VEGAS - Bike Emphasis (Jan 23-30) - Standard (Thu-Sun)
  • Camp #2 - ST GEORGE - Beginner/Novice (Feb 3-6) - Standard (Thu-Sun)
  • Camp #3 - ST GEORGE - All-Athlete + IMSG Prep (Feb 28 - Mar 6) - Full Week (Mon-Sun)
  • Camp #3 - ST GEORGE - All-Athlete + IMSG Prep (Feb 28 - Mar 6) - Standard (Thu-Sun)
  • Camp #4 - ST GEORGE - All-Athlete + IMSG Prep (Apr 4-10) - Full Week (Mon-Sun)
  • Camp #4 - ST GEORGE - All-Athlete + IMSG Prep (Apr 4-10) - Standard (Thu-Sun)


BAM has hosted pre-season training and skill-development camps since 2012.

These camps present an opportunity to escape winter weather and lay down quality volume with a mix of concentrated technique work. Sessions will be tailored to both long- and short-course athletes and will include a mix of coached skill development sessions, supported rides and runs, and time in the pool (most days start with a swim!).

Come hone your skills in the beautiful regions of the southwest United States in St. George, UT and Henderson, NV. This is a great chance to grow AND, especially for anyone doing IRONMAN events in St. George, to do valuable pre-event recon of the course and the local conditions.


About #bamtricamp

BAM Camp is the ultimate immersion in triathlon training for every triathlete who attends; from first-timers, to Kona hopefuls, to professional triathletes — there will be a place for you at BAM Camp. Our camps provide planned sessions full of direct coach-to-athlete instruction in all areas of the sport.

Every athlete benefits from the supported training, education, community building, and fun that BAM Camp offers. Each camp has something unique to offer and presents different experiences with options. Come and experience BAM Camp for yourself — you'll be glad you did!


Camp registration includes access to all camp sessions, facility/access fees, coaching and SAG. Travel/arrival/transportation/lodging/meals are up to you. We provide lodging suggestions and discounts at partner prooperties to registered participants.


I've never heard of BAM. Can I come?

Yes, absolutely! We started the camps to serve our coaching clients and word spread ... so we've opened the doors to all and have had campers from at least a dozen states around the U.S. and even people coming from Canada, Europe and other locations around the world.


My significant other wants to come with me but doesn't do tris, is there a place for a non-triathlete at BAM camp?

Definitely! They are welcome to enjoy the region completely on their own ... or if they just swim, or just bike, or just run ... or want to participate minimally on account of an injury ... yes, they are welcome to and we have made such arrangements in the past. If they plan to participate in any of the camp sessions, please contact us and we'll work something out to get them registered so they are included/covered by camp insurance.



  • Group sessions coached by USAT L1, L2 or L3 coaches
  • Venue and race-specific training
  • SAG during rides & brick workouts
  • Proper recovery time and access to tools like foam rollers and boots
  • No facility fees! We handle park fees, lane rentals, etc. so you can focus on training


We look forward to seeing you at camp!

- BAM Coaches + Staff

 P.S. If you have questions, such as which session is right for you, contact us here.

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Event details and schedule


Full Week - arrive by Sunday evening to start Monday morning
Standard - arrive by Wednesday evening to start Thursday morning


Schedule + Locations

General camp agendas and activity locations are available at www.balancedartmultisport.com/camps. In-depth information is emailed to campers upon registration.


Group Communication

Upon registering, you will receive info on how to access each camp's private Facebook group. These groups are meant to facilitate camper-camper communication and to relay real-time adjustments during camp.


USAT Sanctioning

Our camps are USAT sanctioned so you will be required to furnish your member number to confirm your annual membership or to purchase an event-specific license ($15/camp).

Join or renew your USAT Annual Membership


Transfers + Refunds

Please see our policies here.

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Balanced Art Multisport

489 W PARKLAND DR, Sandy

Phone: 3475654298

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