2019 Black Friday Bike Fit Special

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Tony's Bike Fit Studio: 13516 Brittle Brush Court, Rancho Cucamonga, United States

Mountain biking


  • Bike Fit - Individual Road Bike Fit
  • Bike Fit - Individual Triathlon Fit


Black Friday Bike Fit special for $99 includes:
- Body Position: knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow angle assessment and setting
- Pedal stroke assessment and adjustments as needed for improved comfort, powe,r and efficiency
- Laser knee to peddle vertical alignment to reduce knee strain and potential injury
- Saddle assessment and recommendations
- Adjustments to remove riding pains (shoulder, lower back, etc)
- Fit summary with measurements and anglrs
- Technical T-Shirt

Event details and schedule

Purchase your fit on Black Friday and schedule your fit.  Must be fitted by 6/1/2019.

Organised by

Tony Troccoli

13516 Brittle Brush Ct, Rancho Cucamonga

Phone: 909-472-5261

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